The Saints Gift Collection is a company that develops religious  LED FLAMELESS SAINT CANDLES. From the start we felt  the need to develop a safe alternative to real flame candles. Our goal was to create family  devotional prayer candles that imitate the flickering effect of a real flame, with the safety that would make it possible to use in hospitals and nursing homes, or unattended in a child’s bedroom.

The long-lasting LED light is powered by only two standard AA batteries, and comes with the added option of an automatic 6-hour timer. These candles can be set to light up every evening at the same time, and even serve as a beautiful night light in a nursery.


Our first challenge was to develop the flickering effect of a live flame, a process that took us a year to finally produce.  And unlike real devotional flame candles where the light is hidden behind the paper decals as the live flame burns down, our LED Saints candles light up the entire candle, allowing the beautiful images of the saints to be seen in the dark.

In family settings, the LED Saints candles are often displayed on a mantle top along side real pillar, taper or tealight candles, setting up a beautiful home altar for family prayer.

The Saint Gift Collection LED FLAMELESS CANDLE gives a comforting glow from the time you light it up until it shuts off.


Unlike other candles on the market that use paper decals as labels on a candle, we developed a heat transfer process that embeds the images on the candle shell itself creating a process that gives the entire candle a beautiful consistent quality.

The LED light flickers on the top of the candle but still illuminates the entire candle from top to bottom. Unlike other candles where paper decals of images blocks the light from coming through, our candles make the beautiful images of the saints the focal point.

Once we achieved the flickering effect and the full-candle glow, we began to focus on beautiful and inspiring images of popular saints and traditional religious imagery to begin the collection.


With a growing number of LED candles and religious products being added to our catalog regularly, we are regularly introducing popular saints into the expanding collection.

With a growing collection of saints from all walks of life, look out for our new generation of saints and  Christmas/Nativity-themed candles coming soon as well as other inspirational items.


In a visual world saturated with images and worldly heroes, our collection aims to introduce the saints as holy heroes and saintly reminders into the homes and lives of the Catholic family, helping raise minds and hearts to heaven. These beautiful LED Candles are the perfect gift for young and old, from a loved one in a hospital to a student away at university, or a gift for First Communion.

The LED FLAMELESS SAINTS CANDLE COLLECTION gives our customer a product that is safe in any environment.

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