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About The Saints Gift Collection


In a visual world saturated with images of cultural sports and entertainment heroes, our collection aims to introduce saintly role models and real spiritual heroes into the homes and lives of the Catholic family. Helping to raise minds and hearts to the realities of the spiritual world, these unique Catholic LED candles are designed to inspire.  From a loved one in a hospital to a student away from home, or a child receiving First Communion, our aim is to create Inspirational gifts for everyone both young and old.

The Saints Gift Collection is a company that develops beautiful religious LED FLAMELESS CANDLES. Our goal is to create holy reminders in the form of family devotional prayer candles with the safety that would make it possible to leave unattended in a hospital, nursing home or a child’s bedroom. With the soft flickering effect of a real flame, these high quality LED flameless candles are a safe alternative to real fire.

The tiny but bright long-lasting LED light is powered by only two standard AA batteries (not included). The added feature of an optional 6 hour timer allows for setting an automatic light-up every evening at the same time, lighting up a small area of a darkened room with a soft, comforting, flickering glow.

With the timer set, there’s no need to manually switch the candle on or off every night, a feature that is especially valuable when used at a hospital or in a nursing home.


Unlike real fire devotional flame candles where the light is hidden behind the paper decals as the live flame burns down, our LED Saints candles light up the entire candle, allowing the beautiful images of the saints to be seen in the dark. The aim of the LED flameless candles is to act as a visual inspiration; holy reminders that raise both the mind and heart to heavenly realities.

Our candles come with traditional prayers, while some candles include quotes from Sacred Scripture or quotes from the saints, beautiful quotes that plant inspirational seeds.

In family settings, the LED Saints candles are often displayed on a mantle top along side real candles, setting up a beautiful home altar for family prayer.


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