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Crucifixion of Jesus LED Candle with Trinity Wall Scone

Crucifixion of Jesus LED Candle with Trinity Wall Scone

Jesus’s death is the penalty or “satisfaction” for sin. Satisfaction was an idea used in the early church to describe the public actions – pilgrimage, charity – that a Christian would undertake to show that he was grateful for forgiveness. Only Jesus can make satisfaction because he is without sin.



This Flameless LED Candle depicts an inspiring image of the Crucifixion of Jesus comes with a Trinity Wall Sconce.  The Saints Gift Collection  LED candles flickers like a real flame and lights up a small area of a darkened room. Perfect for prayer time, or as a night light in a child’s room.  Great for any environment, nursing homes, hospitals, retirement homes, travels, etc.   The 6-hour timer comes on each day at the same time for 6-hour.



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